Our Mission

To identify, develop and coordinate resources, policies, programs and services
that support and empower all residents of Maplewood and South Orange
to age in place as full members of the community.

Recognizing the increasing number of residents over 60 and the desire to keep long-term residents in our communities, South Orange and Maplewood (SOMA) launched "Two towns for all ages." Under this new initiative, SOMA is taking a proactive approach to foster healthy aging and enable residents to age in place.

This age-friendly initiative engages all stakeholders in the community - government, businesses, schools, non-profits and faith-based organizations - to build a community that serves the needs of residents of all ages. To ensure programs and services in our two towns meet these important goals we strive/pledge/commit to:

  • Be responsive to the needs of older residents.
  • Combine the resources and interests of both towns to build a synergistic relationship that promotes and supports healthy, engaged and vibrant aging.
  • Recognize the role older adults play in our communities and their contributions to the fabric of our diverse community.
  • Realize that improvements that benefit the older population also benefit the rest of our community.
  • Encourage older adults to engage in the conversation and be responsive to their concerns.

Both towns are committed to the long-term continuity and sustainability of the SOMA Two towns for all ages initiative.

Volunteer Fair

Come to the Community-Wide 

Volunteer Fair
at The Woodland (formerly The Women's Club)
60 Woodland Road, Maplewood
Sunday, March 25
1 - 4 pm

Come and meet with more than 30 local community groups to learn how you can share your  time and talents.

Interested in volunteering for the arts? Music?  Education?  Hunger Relief?  Health or Hospice care? Want to advocate for change, be a tutor, clear hiking paths, coach soccer or help plan events for a cause you believe in? Representatives from a wide range of organizations will be here to talk to you about ways to get involved.

Free and open to all 

Brought to you by SOMA Two Towns for All Ages and Maplewood  Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs







SOMA Two towns for all ages is supported through the generosity of

The Grotta Fund  for Senior Care