Gogo Grandparent Pilot Program

SOMA Two Towns for All Ages extends Subsidized Rides with Gogo Grandparent!

South Orange and Maplewood residents age 65 and older can sign up to receive 4 subsidized rides  (up to $10 per ride) in July through a pilot program with Gogo Grandparent!

On-demand ride services are a growing business sector that provide door-to-door service, any day of the week, any time of the day.  You may have heard of some of them, like Lyft or Uber.  Usually, on-demand ride services require customers to use an app on a computer or smart phone.  Gogo Grandparent connects clients to on-demand services without the need for smart phones, and with extra services like prescreened drivers, remembering your personalized needs and communicating with you and your family. We have chosen Gogo Grandparent (GGGP) because of their proven track record in many cities and success with our healthy aging colleagues Tri-town 55+ Coalition in nearby by Madison and the Chathams.

What will this offer mean for residents?  An expansion of transportation options.  GGGP can be used to take you where or when the senior buses don’t run.  You can use it to go to an evening SOPAC performance or weekend movie, to a doctor's appointment, an evening program at the libraries or shopping.  If the ride is more than $10, the difference will be billed towards the rider's credit card. For example, from many addresses, the $10 credit can get you as far as Livingston Mall or can be applied to a longer ride, like to Morristown, with you paying the additional cost.

The details are:
* Residents must be 65 or older.
* Residents will be identified as eligible by their zip codes 07040 or 07079.
* Residents must set up their own GGGP account by calling 1 (855) 464-6872 or online at www.gogograndparent.com/soma and have a credit card to put on the account.
*The offer includes up to 4 rides of up to $10 in July. The first $10 will be paid by SOMA Two Towns for All Ages.
*If a ride costs more than $10, the remaining costs will be billed to the credit on the GGGP account.
* A ride is considered one-way. For example, using GGGP to get to a doctor’s appointment is one ride. Using it again to be picked up and returned home is separate ride.
*Unused rides or monies cannot be rolled over to future rides.
*Residents who already have a GGGP account are entitled to the subsidized rides - GGGP will identify current account holders by zip code.
*You can sign up at any time, and use GGGP as much as you want but the subsidized rides  are limited to 4 in July.