Exercise & Classes Online

Live Classes, Meetings and Programs

While we are all at home, its important to stay fit, stay connected, learn new things and exercise.  Until things reopen, we are moving some of your favorite exercise classes - and adding new programs - online.  Here's the schedule:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am Balance Class      

Zumba with Yvonne

10:15am     Senior Fitness   Senior FItness
11am       Senior Fitness  
11:30    Chair Yoga   Chair Yoga  
1pm         SOPL - Special Conversations
2pm Yoga        

Also check the websites of your favorite places to see what they are offering online.

How to zoom?
Zoom, facebook live, Google meets and other services are available on your smart phone or computer to have live "meetings" with people remotely.  These services have been used for years, usually for business meetings or for people very far away who cannot travel to meet in person.  Now, they are being used by many, many people to connect with people during COVID. You can access the following programs by clicking on the "links" below.  These links are also on the calendar  of events, if you have a hard time connecting.

For a video on how to use zoom, click here: https://youtu.be/-ewOtNKrCSo

9 am - Balance Class with Yvonne
Join by clicking here:  
Meeting ID: 885 6805 5536
Password: fitness

2pm - Yoga with Yvonne

Have a chair for use, a mat and a block (or some thick books) - a great yoga class for all
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 867 0795 0034
Password: fitness


11:30am - Chair Yoga with Robin Weber - on break until May 7

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 835 7005 9726
Passcode: DBF33443

10:15am - Senior Fitness with Robin Weber on break until May 7

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 823 3480 6167
Passcode: TNJ07666

11 am - Exercise with Yvonne 
Join fitness instructor Yvonne Christianson for a live class via zoom.  

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82480175433
Meeting ID: 824 8017 5433
Password: fitness


11:30am - Chair Yoga with Robin Weber on break until May 7

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9am - Zumba with Yvonne
Have fun, easy to follow, Latin inspired, calorie burning dance fitness party. It's for everyone!
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 870 7680 9910
Password: fitness

10:15am - Senior Fitness with Robin Weber  on break until May 7

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Meeting ID: 882 4297 3193
Passcode: TNJ07666
1pm - Special Conversations with Special People

Join the library for this new version of the lecture series, with speakers and interviews each week.  You can join by phone or with zoom.  For information on how to join, go to www.SOPL.org and go to the calendar

Recorded Exercise Videos to Watch at Anytime

Project Healthy Bones
Instructor Tonia Moore shares the exercises for Project Health Bones
Video 1 click here: Intro
Video 2 click here: Step posture
Video 3 click here: Balance Part 1
Video 4 click here: Balance Part 2
Video 5 click here: Balance Part 3
Video 6 click here: Leg strength
Video 7 click here: Arm strength
Video 8 click here: Flexibility
Video 9 click here: Chinese Accupressure
Video 10 click here: Hand Exercises

Exercise anytime with these AARP videos

Maplewood's Fitness Classes Videos!
Follow fitness instructor Ivonne Christian as she goes through her classes by video.  
Class 1 : Zumba
Class 2: Yoga

Meditation classes:
Follow instructor Amy Power Phillips on her You Tube channel: Mediation with Amy

Sit and Be Fit
Sit and Be Fit is a television exercise program for older adults and anyone needing slow gentle movement. The program is broadcast throughout the United States, distributed to public television stations. Sit and Be Fit programs are also available on DVD. View it on weekday morning at 6:30 am on NYC. And here's the YouTube link to the series. https://www.youtube.com/user/SitandBeFitTVSHOW

Silver Sneakers Exercise online
Check this out for a good, at home stretch and exercise: 

“Sit Stand and Move'' is an exercise class geared towards seniors and beginner exercisers.  This class is 45 minutes of stretching and moving assisted with a chair.   Ronnie Jordan, an exercise instructor at the YWCA of Asheville, teaches exercises that can be performed either standing or sitting.”  from www.buncombecounty.org

See the class at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2IPtuZgFsU&list=PLz5i2TbhU3H2UAWqTa7v48b_ZWgJ4FLAW