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Remote Gatherings

The use and reliance on technology was growing quickly in the last few years, but COVID-19 has really catapulted us into a new technology era. Many programs have been moved online, you can shop and bank online, and connect with friends and family.  Whether you are new to using technology or an "old pro,"  here are some tips and resources to help you maximize your ability to connect.

What is “Zoom”?
You may be hearing about events being held through “Zoom,”  or “Facebook live” or “Facetime”.  These are all programs and “apps” that you can use through your computer, tablet or smartphone to join events remotely.  All you need is a device and internet  access.  If you want to take part in an event - for example, the new programming listed below - turn on your device, click the link and you will be “allowed” into the meeting or event.  You can see the speaker, and they will be able to see you.  Feeling a little shy? Don't let that stop you - you do not need to show yourself!  If you are self conscious about how you look on the camera or are still in your pajamas, you can hide your video view. 

ZOOM basics: watch this video by Tara Grey and the West Orange Library:

Or take a tutorial on

Federation Technology Help Hotline 
UJA Federation has set up a group of volunteers who can try to help you get on Zoom, Facebook and other websites to participate in online activities. The phone number is 973-929-3060. If you, or someone you know, is in need of technology assistance (using Facetime, Zoom, etc.), please call and leave a message that clearly states your name, phone number and a brief description of what you need help with. You will be contacted by a Federation Volunteer within 24 hours of your message being received. Messages will be processed Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm. Any requests submitted after 5pm on Friday will be processed the following Monday morning.

The Basics
Click here to learn the  terminology and definitions of technology: Basic terms

Online Resources at the Libraries
The South Orange and Maplewood Libraries have a wide selection of resources online, including ebooks, databases and virtual programming.  Check out their offerings.
South Orange:


Youtube is a video streaming service and entertainment platform. It’s basically TV, but online with different people, known as YouTubers, creating content for people of all ages to enjoy. Looking to watch some comedy? Action? Movies? Enjoy some music? Youtube is definitely the place for all of those needs and more. Lots  of videos or past live streams or meetings for those who missed the original showcasing are available to view.

Youtube is an online collaborative application. As mentioned before, people create content for others to watch on youtube. To subscribe means to have them appear again on the main page of your youtube account or receive emails, notifications or messages about their new video uploads. This is very similar to subscribing to a newspaper or magazine, but online and for your entertainment/personal use.

Here is a list of youtube videos for possible questions that you may have:

How to sign in to youtube using your google account

How to navigate youtube

How to make a youtube playlist

Here is a quick video to use Facebook: Complete Beginner's Guide on How to use Facebook

How can you access Facebook on a mobile device?  You can do so by simply accessing your mobile device’s application store.  If you own an iPhone, you can look for the blue app store application → search (by looking for the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of your screen) → and type in the name of any application that you want to add to your device, in this instance, you would want to look for ‘Facebook’. → tap the installation button and follow the on-screen prompts.

If you own an android or other non-apple device, you can follow the above steps, but instead of looking for the blue app store icon, you will be looking for the google play icon. Follow the rest of the steps listed for iPhones.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can begin to use it at your own leisure. Watch the above video link on how to use Facebook in detail.

Seton Hall University partnership:  We will continue our partnership with Seton Hall University to provide free technology presentations to older adults in the Spring of 2022.