South Orange and Maplewood have three active libraries:

South Orange Public Library (South Orange Library)
65 Scotland Road, South Orange
(973) 762- 0230

Maplewood Main Library
51 Baker Street, Maplewood
(973) 762-1622

Maplewood Hilton Library
1688 Springfield Ave., Maplewood
(973) 762-1688

What is LEAP?
LEAP is an acronym for the Library Equal Access Program, a collaborative project of the New Jersey State Library Talking Book & Braille Center, 9 public libraries in NJ, Advancing Opportunities and the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CBVI). Through the LEAP program, CBVI has created assistive technology learning centers at the 9 libraries. The centers include assistive technology computers & iPads with magnification and speech.  FREE training is offered on the computers, software and iPads to NJ residents 55 and older with changes in vision. The goal of LEAP is to introduce new technology to assist people as their vision changes with aging.  Advancing Opportunities, a New Jersey leader in assistive technology training, is providing the instruction. 

Who is Eligible for LEAP?
Any New Jersey resident 55 and older who has a change in vision is eligible.  The resident does not have to be registered with CBVI to participate. You do not need to be legally blind or blind to participate; all are welcome who are experiencing a change in vision. 

Which Libraries are Participating? 
South Orange Public Library  

Which assistive equipment is at the libraries?
A CCTV Magnifier to magnify any printed text

Computers with magnification and text-to-speech software:
Talking Typer

What training is available?
3 classes are being offered:
Introduction to Computers & Accessibility (once/week for 4 weeks)
iPad Basics (once/week for 6 weeks)
IPad Intermediate (once/week for 4 weeks) 

For Spring 2018, classes will take place March through June. Classes take place once per week. Each class is 1.5 hours.  Several libraries will have summer classes including Mays Landing, Toms River and South Orange. 

How Do I register for a Class?
Call Advancing Opportunities to register at 888-322-1918, ext 501. Advancing Opportunities will have the schedule of classes for each library.